Monday, August 6, 2012

Killer Buns and Thighs

Oooooh lordy, my butt is killing me today. Yesterday I did level 2 of Jillian Michaels' Killer Buns and Thighs and I am paying for it. The upside is that I know I'm getting stronger because I probably wouldn't have made it through even 15 minutes of this workout about 4 weeks ago. As it was, I thought I might die when I made it through the third circuit thinking it was the last one, only to find out that there was a fourth- which included one-legged burpees. ONE-LEGGED BURPEES!! Even my belly button was sweating. I recommend this workout to anyone who is up for an extreme challenge. Every single muscle in my lower body is so sore that I don't even want to know what level 3 is like.

I recently discovered that all of the seasons of Biggest Loser are on Netflix and have become completely obsessed, which means that every time I do a Jillian workout I feel like a contestant on the show. It's actually been a huge motivator for me because if people twice my size can workout for 4 hours a day I should absolutely be able to put in my 45 minutes. The only disappointing part is that I don't lose 10 pounds a week- in fact, I weighed myself this past weekend and found that I've gained 3 pounds. Life is so cruel sometimes! I'm not going to let it get me down because in all fairness I haven't really done diddly squat to improve my diet. I haven't been eating fried twinkies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but my diet could use a little work (aka less pizza, more salad).

This week the PGA tournament is being held out on Kiawah, something that all of the residents and merchants have been bracing themselves for these past couple of weeks. For me it means the potential to sit in traffic for hours and possibly meet a few golf celebrities at the bank. Although, let's be honest, I probably wouldn't know if a famous golfer was in my midst, except for maybe Tiger. I also get to fulfill my lifelong goal of becoming a bartender! In all seriousness I've always thought it would be really cool to bartend but I think my hearing issues would prevent me from ever succeeding. It always amazes me that bartenders get drink orders right with music blaring at what can only be a damaging decibel level. Lucky for me this is going to be sort of an outdoor oasis with limited drink choices, only moderately amplified music, and the use of tickets instead of cash and credit cards- the perfect opportunity for me to make my big break.

I'm going to be absolutely exhausted by the time this week is over working two jobs, so I'm really glad I was able to enjoy a relaxing weekend with my family. My mom and Lauren flew down from Iowa and Nick popped down from Clemson for a lovely lake weekend with the Bussells. All we were missing was my dad, but he just started a new job (congratulations, dad!) and had to sit this one out. We floated in the cove for hours on end, did a little shopping, ate too much food, and squeezed in some Olympic viewing. Being with my family always makes me wish that they lived closer; a visit every 6 months is nowhere near enough!

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  1. I did a Tae Box workout last week and couldn't move for like 12 hours--so I feel your pain! Glad you had fun with the Wonuses and congrats to Tom!