Thursday, September 29, 2011

Recipe Thursday: A Restaurant Review

Since probably half of my meals over the past week have been pizza, I just feel wrong pretending that there's been anything whatsoever happening in my kitchen (besides ever-growing piles of mail and dirty dishes). Instead, I thought I'd share one of my favorite places to eat: Nirlep Indian Restaurant. Carl and I probably frequent this restaurant enough to be considered regulars- exciting, right? I've always sort of aspired to have a "where everybody knows your name" type place to go, and Nirlep might be the closest thing I've got. Uncle Louie's in Columbia makes a close second. Anyways, if you live in the Charleston area and haven't eaten here yet, all I have to say is GO! Or if you'll be in town for our wedding and have a spare moment, try it out. I'd probably forgive you if you showed up late to the wedding because you were suffering from an Indian food coma. Some days I wonder if we should have just hired them to cater the whole event! If you're like me, you might not always be open to trying to things. I remember the day Carl and I decided to go for the first time- we didn't really have a clue what we were eating, but to say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. My taste buds were blown away by all kinds of exotic spices they had never tried. I couldn't believe I had gone my whole life and never had so much as a bite of the culinary masterpiece that is Indian cuisine! They have a large vegetarian selection, which is great. We can go to the buffet and I'm not limited to two items that probably still have some form of meat product in them anyways. Hopefully next week I'll have a recipe to post... wedding fever has really taken over my life at the moment, and I'm finding myself less motivated to cook when I get home from work.

Speaking of wedding fever, we are now down to the final month! I'm not the most organized person to begin with and now that's really starting to catch up with me. Every time I buy a planner I end up using it for a week, at most, and then losing it somewhere or forgetting that I need to be organized. But my forgetfulness of late has been such a problem that it called for drastic measures:

Wal-Mart Calendar!

This will be placed prominently on the fridge, where I'll be forced to look at it at least 14 times a day. I'm a little intimidated by this next month, and also disappointed in myself for not being one of those people that can thrive on 4 hours of sleep. I'm trying my very hardest to sleep less and do more, so say a little prayer for me that I survive.

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