Thursday, December 8, 2011

Recipe Thursday: Lazy Time Nachos

I realized around Sunday that I forgot to post for Recipe Thursday last week. Yikes! I wish I had something really incredible to put up to make up for the lost week, but alas, it's me we're talking about. I've been doing a lot of smoothie-making, juicing, and salad eating this week, but tonight I was feeling down in the dumps and big time lazy so I decided to make one of my favorite comfort foods: nachos.

These nachos feature slightly stale Tostitos Hint of Lime tortilla chips, halfway heated black beans, left over Moe's queso, and lazy time guacamole (avocados that I didn't put much effort into mashing, haphazardly diced tomatoes, and a splash of Italian dressing). They turned out great!

Carl and I have officially started the hunt for a new car to replace my Jetta. After trying to overheat on the way home from work the other day- yes, in December- I decided I really need to look for something more reliable that doesn't make me cry every 4-6 weeks when something goes wrong with it. One thing about car shopping that I didn't expect: it's an emotional roller coaster. I keep getting waves of buyer's remorse without actually having made a purchase, I can't decide whether to lease or to buy, and I really have no idea what I want, aside from something not too boxy that won't need repairs ever. We're going on Saturday to look at a few dealerships and I'm a little nervous! In my whole 24 years I can't say that I've exactly mastered the art of negotiation or keeping a poker face, so this could be really interesting. And when I say interesting I mean that Carl might want to kill me by the end of the day. Wish us luck!

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