Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lauren!

Happy Happy Birthday to my sister Lauren! On this day 19 years ago I was impatiently waiting for my parents to come home from the hospital and introduce me to my new playmate. I was beyond excited when I found out I was going to have a baby sister, and probably made my mom's pregnancy seem ten times longer than it already was by asking how big the baby was on a daily basis, and other important questions. Naturally, I was disappointed when Lauren didn't want to play games with me fresh out of the womb, and seemed only to cry when I tried to "entertain" her. Her birth brought a never-ending parade of women with pre-made meals to our doorstep, all of which were lasagna- one of my very least favorite foods growing up. And so I quickly lost interest in the baby who would not play with me and began to resent her for causing night after night of torture at the dinner table. How cruel 5-year old girls can be! I'm truly sorry for all the years of torture, name-calling, etc that followed.

Fast forward to the present, and Lauren has turned out to be an incredibly smart, gifted, and motivated young woman (who, on occasion, actually does like to play games). She succeeds in most everything that she pursues and, let's face it- got through her teenage years much more gracefully than my brother and I did. I know the future holds very big things for her. Happy Birthday, little sister!!

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