Thursday, November 17, 2011

Recipe Thursday: Gardein

Another week has gone by and I have absolutely no new recipes to post. Such a failure! Tonight Carl and I went on a much-needed dinner date to Nirlep, which I wrote about here. Okay, okay, to say it was a much needed date is an exaggeration- we did just get back from our honeymoon. But boy, I've missed Nirlep and was starting to go through serious withdrawals. Anyways, I do have a few recipe ideas cooking (get it!?), but they require a little more time in the kitchen than I'm willing to dedicate on a weeknight. This Sunday I'll be putting my culinary skills to the test and you'll get to hear all about it next Thursday. As for today, I thought I'd do a product review for Gardein. These were recently buy one get one free at Publix so Carl and I decided to give them a try. Here's what we ended up getting:

We were really impressed with both of these. I've more or less gotten past the stage in my vegetarianism where I'm trying to find meat replacements in order to keep it up. That said, it's hard to get out of the mentality that dinner needs to be a well-rounded meal, with distinct protein, grain, and vegetable components in order to be complete. That's where these meatless entrees come into play. Recently they're something I've been trying not to buy as much of: a) they tend to be on the pricier side, hence our enthusiasm for BOGO deals, and b) they're usually all jacked up with sodium and a mile-long list of artificial ingredients. Gardein, however, boasted a surprisingly short ingredients list, all of which were recognizable. And they were pretty darn tasty to boot. Go check and see if your favorite grocery store has them! 

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