Monday, November 14, 2011

Not a Post About the Wedding

I know, I know-  y'all are probably itching to read my great big wedding post and are wondering why, two full weeks after the big day, I haven't yet put anything up about it (or at least I would be if any of my friends had just gotten married... I might be a little more wedding-obsessed than the average person, though). Anyways, I have my reasons:
1) I wanted to wait to get our professional photos back so that I could better illustrate the whole experience. After all, a picture is worth 1000 words and therefore saves me a lot of writing. 
2) I haven't actually written it yet. Doing so will only bring me closer to the realization that the wedding has really and truly already come and gone.
3) New memories keep popping back into my head! It's like when you have a dream that comes back to you slowly throughout the day, and finally you're able to piece together what it was about. I figure if I wait long enough, I'll have a lot more to say... as if that was going to be an issue. 

Hence, another post that's not about the wedding. Instead I thought I'd talk about the fact that our house is finally clean, probably for the first time in months. Carl and I clocked some major time kicking clutter's butt this past weekend. Anyone who has seen our condo knows that we're more than a little short on space. I think when we decided to buy it we were so blinded by our excitement at the prospect of having our own place that we neglected to actually look at it. Never again will we make this mistake! People, count closets and drawers and cupboards before you move in- or worse, commit to a mortgage. It's been such a challenge trying to find homes for all of our new goodies, but we were determined to make it work. I now present to you the two new pieces of furniture that we acquired over the weekend:

<---- A book shelf, doubling as a china cabinet. We already have so many other pieces of free-standing kitchen furniture to make up for the lack of cupboard and drawer space that we were a little reluctant to invest in another one. When we move into a house one day, I think we'll have more use for a book shelf. As for now we're hoping the earthquake that Charleston is supposedly overdue for doesn't come, because this thing is jam packed with 90% of the breakable things that we own. And yes, we now have enough dishes to feed 20 people a three course meal. Come on over!

Our condo is also really limited on bathroom storage space or a linen closet of any kind, so we got this new little cubby system for towel overflow. We're still registered for quite a few more towels so this was an anticipatory purchase. I suspect it will be completely full within the next few weeks. 

After all this, Carl and I have really mastered the art of assembling moderately priced furniture from big box stores. We whipped these up in an impressively short amount of time! And speaking of whipping things up, we rounded out the weekend with a nice batch of waffles:

Looking particularly domestic. Apron, courtesy of World Market.



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  1. Awesome ideas!! I can't wait to see the wedding pictures!!