Sunday, March 11, 2012


Where the heck have I been hiding, and how did a whole week go by without a single blog post? Shame on me! To spare you the boring details of my work life, I'll just say that last week was one of those truly special "character building" weeks that required every ounce of willpower and energy to survive, leaving my blog to gather dust as I sulked around the house in the evenings. Luckily I had a really fun weekend to look forward to and help me blow off some steam. Jessica and two of her friends from Boston came down for a little spring break vacay and I was more than thrilled to pretend like I was also on vacation, live beyond my means for 48 hours, and play tourist in my own town. We wined and dined excessively, danced to the point of embarrassment (that was mostly just me), and soaked up all the awesomeness that Charleston has to offer. I rarely find myself downtown anymore, so it's nice to be reminded how cool and unique a city it is. I can't wait to make my millions so that I can buy one of the gorgeous historic homes down there.

Anyways, I'm off to bed but just wanted to check in before another week flies by. Before I go, this week's ABC letter is 'I' for imitation meat products. This is another freebie since I haven't been eating them since gluten got the boot, but I'm okay with that. I hit a little bump in the road in terms of my diet over the weekend so I think I just need to take the week to regroup without adding another challenge to my plate. Okay? Okay!

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