Thursday, January 12, 2012

Recipe Thursday

Happy almost Friday! And more importantly, happy 30th birthday to my wonderful mother! Carl and I are getting excited about our trip to Iowa next Saturday for a belated Christmas/birthday celebration. It's Carl's first trip to America's heartland and also the furthest north he's been in the winter so it'll be a week of thrilling firsts for him. Right now Carl is out of town on some very official DNR business. I realized today that I'm not exactly sure where he is- such an attentive wife I am. All I know is that he comes back tomorrow and that I've been completely unmotivated to cook. In fact, I dragged him to the grocery store with me so that I could stock up on my favorite comfort convenience foods to keep me company in my solitude, among which was a delicious frozen pizza. Has anyone tried these new Freschetta Simply Inspired pizzas?

Carl got one of these in the bruschetta variety on Saturday and it was life-changing. I knew I had to buy another one immediately. And to not share my new and delicious find with you all would just be unfair. Hopefully by next week I'll have actually made something worth sharing but until then enjoy some pizza!

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